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Halo Elite Fibre Gel Clear

Halo Elite Fibre Gel Clear


The revolutionary formula of the Halo Elite UV/LED Hard Gel allows it to be used in conjunction with the full Pure Nails range including Halo Gel Polish, Halo Acrylic, Halo Polibuild and Halo Easibuild. The Halo Elite Hard Gel is so versatile it allows the imagination to run freely, meaning you can create the longest, strongest, most extreme nails with ease.

Fibre Gel is a nail techs best friend and one you cannot be without! Not only does it make the perfect nail bandage, saving and fixing a broken natural nail, but it also provides a protective overlay that is extremely strong. The fibre mix knits together creating protection for the nail, allowing it to grow with ease. The Fibre Gel can also be used to fix fractures, cracks, and chips in extensions. 

The amazing Fibre Gel can also be used to create extreme length enhancements that will stay strong and robust due to its revolutionary fibre formula. 

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