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Halo LED Crescent Desk Lamp

Halo LED Crescent Desk Lamp

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The Halo Crescent LED Lamp is designed to illuminate the entirety of your working area without causing shadows. It provides an adjustable strength and variable colour of light, at its brightest it produces CRI-90, which is as near to natural light as is currently possible.

The Halo Crescent LED Lamp is perfect for extensions, manicures, nail art and of course social media.

With its ergonomic design there is plenty of working space to comfortably accommodate your clients.


  • Halo Quality Guaranteed
  • Dimmer Control
  • Colour Tone Control
  • Zero Strobing/Flickering = kind on the eyes
  • Tried and tested by Pure Nails VIPs
  • Height- 37cm, Width = 76cm, Depth = 20cm
  • 12 Month Warranty
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