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Liquid Jewlz

Liquid Jewlz

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25 vegan, ammonia free, gloss demi-permanent colours and toning collection with Leyton House new hallmark ingredients 'Vegan Bond Complex', a collective blend of vegan natural superfoods protecting and conditioning the hair.

13 beautiful formulated shades ranging from levels 5 to 10 offering tonal deposits for all base levels including darker shades to render the perfect root tap or smudge.
10 stunning toners to use at above a level 10, providing warmth, depth, and all the cooler ash tones you can imagine. 2 unique shades, Liquid Gloss to enhance shine or dilute & Liquid Chrome to create the perfect soft silver. 

Cool tones deliver every mix of violet, pearl, blue, silver, and all the combinations of those tonalities needed to create beautiful white, platinum, and silver finishes.

Shades come in 100ml bottles. Liquid Gloss in 250ml.

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